About Sound Check

Two idiots, one a teenage musician named Max who plays guitar, drums, some ukulele, and sings,  the other a 50 something year old man named Michael whose musical talents include being a back row clarinetist in the Searingtown elementary school from 1970-72,  air guitar extraordinaire since 1968, and karaoke singer (exclusively Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”).  FullSizeRenderThey are on a mission to find and listen to the 500 greatest albums of all time. It all started when Max received a text from Michael proposing an adventure. Max was “in ” right away even though Michael warned, “There’s gonna be a lot of bad music.” Max responded “I know dad, I’m worried if you’ll be able to stick with it.”

IMG_6214These prisoners of Rock and Roll will “Sound Check” each album, listening to them in their entirety and then spout their opinions right here on this blog.  Just so you know the characters you’re dealing with: Max’s top three artists/bands are Bowie, Green Day, & The Beatles; Michael’s trifecta is Bruce, U2 and Marvin Gaye.

Is there anybody alive out there?