Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head



Coldplay’s second studio album, “A Rush of Blood to the Head” is really solid. Ranked at 466 on Rolling Stone’s list, it has a lot of memorable songs and shows their development as a band. Using more electronic and rural sounding instruments, Coldplay creates a beautiful vibe with effects coming from small guitar twangs and a light tambourine.  This is especially apparent in “Warning Sign”, one of my new favorites.

In “Green Eyes” the music takes a step back and allows a story to be told about a beautiful girl who makes life easier just by being herself (although I think some beautiful women can make life just the opposite ).  This isn’t the only slower song though. As a singer and a guitarist, “The Scientist” has a special place in my heart.


I’ve performed it many times, and the haunting lyrics are always great for a touching song in a gig.



I really like this album too.  Coldplay is a favorite band of mine.  I appreciate that they are still able to make new, relevant music while staying true to the origins of the band. And this record  “A Rush of Blood” holds up well even after 15 years.

This album is extremely listenable. Can be quiet in spots and a little eerie in others, but you stay engaged throughout.  I found as this album unfolds I was paying closer and closer attention to the singer listening to his every word. That makes sense when you look at the song lineup of “In My Place”, “God Put a Smile on My Face”, “The Scientist ” and “Clocks” all on the same album.  For some lucky bands that would be a career and here it is all on one record– crazy.  And let’s not forget that they were just coming off the success of “Parachute” the year before which contained 3 or 4 other big hits including “Yellow”.

It’s fun to go back to visit with the band in these early days when Chris Martin’s song writing was just coming of age and the recording production was simpler than where we are today with recent albums like “Head Full of a Dreams”.

I can’t wait to see the band this summer when they tour.  Always a good show.

A Rush of Blood to the Head is # 466 on the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list

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