Oasis – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory



(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?” is an interesting album to listen to. Ranked at 378 on Rolling Stone’s best 500 album list, it’s filled with music that’s pretty easy on the ears. “Morning Glory” is a great guitar song with a killer riff and a dark vocal line. The solo was crisp but it didn’t feel raw or rocking enough for me. I also really enjoyed “Roll With it”, for its semi bluesy  feel, mixed with an English punk vibe.

I’ve listened to this album three times. Once as background noise, once with all of my attention directed to the music, and the third time as I write this now. It’s very “listenable” but the problem with the album is that it’s  hard to find a song that really stands out. The more acoustic songs really shine through the most for me as I myself have played “Wonderwall”  many times on guitar… always a crowd-pleaser because it’s one of those songs that everyone knows, regardless of their age, but they’re not really sure why.

Not knowing much Oasis, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this album and was intrigued by all of the polarizing reviews.  Do I think Oasis are the next Beatles? No..unfortunately I don’t have any real opinion one way or the other.  It was a fine compilation of songs and overall, I enjoyed it from the first “Hello”.




I also listened to Morning Glory  3 times this week.  I kept thinking that I would enjoy it better if I spent time with it.  Unfortunately, the same thing kept happening to me every time I played it — I just started to zone out.

I knew some of this Brit Pop sensation’s music before going into this project. These guys were everywhere in the mid 90’s following the end of the grunge movement.  The Gallagher brothers were legendary for their feuds with one another and other bands.  They  were often compared to the Beatles and after hearing this album it is clear that they were heavily influenced by them and other bands like Zeppelin and REM.

This album is said to be their masterpiece selling over 22 Million copies worldwide and was massively important in England.  So needless to say, I  was looking forward to taking time to hear the whole thing and see what the fuss was all about.  In the end, I was disappointed.  I just couldn’t connect with it.

There are songs that I do like, but for the most part the record just feels over-produced. Too much echo.  Too much distortion.  Too many unnecessary guitar and drum solos.  The effects are so far forward and overly present you lose the song.  The “Brick Wall” technique they used to obtain a fuller, more live sound was often more distracting than enjoyable — I got bored.

I will admit, that I do really enjoy the 8 min.”Champagne Supernova” with its psychedelic nonsensical lyrics.

The band is way more compelling when things are stripped back a bit and allow  the lead vocal, harmonies and instrumentation to breathe.  “Don’t Look Back in Anger”, “Wonderwall” and “Cast No Shadow” are the musical Oasis I was looking for while traveling through this album.

So here’s the story…there is some good music, but the album has a lot of filler songs and is uneven, which left me underwhelmed.

Morning Glory?  is #378 on the Rolling Stone Magazine 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list

Slip inside the eye of your mind
Don’t you know you might find
A better place to play
You said that you’d never been
But all the things that you’ve seen
Are gonna fade away


Oasis’ “Wonderwall” plays a key role in this somewhat inappropriate video that Max and I think is really funny.  Enjoy .