Young the Giant- Young the Giant



My favorite part of this project is getting to hear and learn about new bands. Since my dad and I use the Amazon Music app to listen to a lot of the albums, I will sometimes get recommendations from the app on what to listen to next. This album popped up, and being intrigued, I gave it a listen. I have since fallen in love with the awesome indie sound this band produces and have listened to it many times.

So, I am taking a quick detour off of the Rolling Stone 500 best albums list to cover and recommend “Young the Giant”

Young the Giant originally formed in 2004 under the name “The Jakes”.  They released their first EP in 2008 called “Shake My Hand” which has two early versions of songs on the Young the Giant album; “Cough Syrup” and “Garands”.   A year later, after some cast changes, the band officially changed their name to Young the Giant and on October 26th 2010, the band released its first album with songs that reached the top five on the US Alternative Songs chart.


This first album is, in my mind, incredible. Their sound is produced in such a cool way; they layer multiple guitars over each other, at least one acoustic and one electric guitar, that use reverb to add a fuller sound to the main riffs of the song. The drummer delivers fast paced funky beats on the high-hat in songs like “Your Side”,  and floor tom driven drumming on songs like “Garands”. The bass guitar has an almost muffled electric effect that adds to the indie/new-age feel and the small tastes of keyboard in the background accent their diverse sound. The lyrics are also super interesting. The lead singer, Sameer Gadhia, is truly a story-teller, able to evoke emotion through his choice of words.  For example,  “Cough Syrup” is about wanting to breakout of a small town to become a musician.  As a Bruce fan I really do love this concept.  My favorite line  is “These zombies in the park,  they’re looking for my heart oh oh oh oh. A dark world aches for a splash of the sun oh oh”. Gadhia feels as if he is surrounded by average people who have given up on their dreams. These “Zombies” are looking for him to join them, to move on from his aspirations. But Gadhia’s music needs to be heard.  The world needs the sunlight that emits from his songs.

The band as a whole gives off this incredibly cool vibe. Most of the songs on this album are very upbeat and fun to listen to. There’s only one song that I’ve found that doesn’t keep my attention… “Islands”. It’s slow and drones on for what feels like lifetimes.

My top tracks are “I Got” which boasts a super cool jazzy intro, “Garands” which features lots of crash cymbal, and “My Body” which has a really driving bass line.  I’ve shown this album to my family and they’re all fans. I’d recommend this album and the “Shake My Hand” EP to anyone with two functioning ears. Or hearing aids, whatever.

You’ll drive in my car
Just tell me we are going somewhere
Where the stars meet the sky
And all these people with small dreams
Are looking up at the big screen