Ninja Sex Party (Live) – August 25, 2017, Sony PlayStation Theater

About a year ago, during a kiddish luncheon that followed a bar mitzvah of a classmate, a friend of mine named Julia showed me a couple of clips from the YouTubers “Game Grumps”.  I thought they were really funny, so I subscribed to their channel and started to watch them often.  In one of their videos, Danny (left) and Arin (right), were discussing Danny’s band “Ninja Sex Party” so I decided to check them out.

Game Grump

NSP are a comedy duo made up of Daniel Avidan (AKA Danny Sexbang), and his friend Brian Wecht (AKA Ninja Brian) another member of the Game Grumps team. Their music is ridiculous and filled with stupid sexual humor and they flounce around in spandex while playing it.

In other words, they’re pretty awesome.

Their recently acquired back-up band is called “Tupper Ware Remix Party“aka TWRP–an 80’s inspired funk band that also dress in crazy costumes and sing through a voice modulator that makes them sound like robots. They have 5 EP’s and 1 full album.

After hearing that NSP were going on tour for the first time, I badgered my parents to go and I came home from camp holding three tickets to see them live.

Version 3I can honestly say that it was my favorite concert so far.  After waiting a while in the really smelly auditorium the opening act, MC Chris a “nerdcore” rapper (He has one tune about Neville Longbottom selling weed at Hogwarts. It’s really funny),  came and played a few songs. Then TWRP took to the stage busting out quick drum beats, really cool bass lines, guitar solos, and awesome keyboard riffs while doing synchronized dance moves.  They played some of my favorites, “Rock and Roll Best Friends”, “Groove Crusaders”, and “Makin’ a Move” as well as some songs I hadn’t heard yet like “Ladyworld” and “Foodbar”.

Danny and Brian finally emerged onstage to their theme song blaring and insanely loud  cheers from the crowd. They played for almost 2 hours while jumping around the stage and interacting with the audience. At one point everyone chanted “We want hand-jobs!” over and over until Danny said “Thank you guys so much for chanting this in front of my grandma.” The crowd then switched gears into yelling “Grannie Sexbang!”


They played some of my top picks like “Cool patrol” and “Bloopy Reggae jam” but my absolute favorite of the night was “No Pants Dance”. At one point a guy in front of us actually took off his jeans and started swinging them over his head.



But my favorite part of the concert was the people there. A bunch of fans in T-shirts and costumes jumping up and down to some really fun music. There was one guy who wore a banana suit who I think is frequently at NSP shows because at one point Danny said “Oh Banana guy’s here. Great!”  And the band is so grateful for and supportive of their fan-base. TWRP played a song called “Body Image” which is (not surprisingly) about being confident about yourself and knowing that everything that truly makes you special is on the inside. Ninja Sex Party also gave an awesome speech before they unveiled a new song. Danny got up to the mic and started to talk about all of the things that are going wrong right now, and he said ” the only way to fix it is to love everyone and to forgive everyone”. He talked about how it’s okay to be socially awkward and that everyone in the auditorium is bound together because they found something they love. It was a really touching moment and everyone felt connected. That led into “Danny Don’t You Know?” a tune about how Dan Avidan was a loser in high school but now he’s a rock star with tons of awesome people cheering him on. In the song he tells his past self,  “Danny don’t you know that you’re rad as f***k on the inside”.

So overall, it was a great show with lots of really funny moments and I don’t think I’ll forget it anytime soon.




So here’s my side of the night…Max asked (begged) his mother and I to take him to see one of his favorite bands from YouTube, NSP.  We were agreeable as he was just back from camp and we were in a weakened state of adoration having barely spent time with him in the past 7 weeks.  After securing tickets, we listened, for the first time, to some of the songs and learned quickly that they were both extremely campy and ridiculously inappropriate.  Now what?  We decided to suck it up and go anyway.

Arriving 2 hours before the show, we took our place on line in Time Square among the faithful in order to secure a good spot on the floor for this general admission event.  On line, the crowd was upbeat and strangely communal.  Some donned outfits in homage to their heroes Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian.nsp fans  It was a scene of colored hair, tattoos, non conformist outfits featuring a host of animated t-shirts. Everyone was ready for a good time.

Once through security and inside the theater the crowd split in two directions, half headed towards the front of the stage while the other hurried to the Merch counter to buy the hard to get concert garb.  The lines for the T-shirts were crazy both before and after the show.

Soon after the lights went down, MC Chris took the stage to warm up the crowd.  He was self deprecating, silly and funny, rapping about 5 songs.  Next came TWRP an 80’s inspired band of self proclaimed “elite rock stars from the future…outer space…and Toronto, Canada”, dressed in assorted costumes.  The band, Doctor Sung, Lord Phobos, Havve Hogan and Commander Meouch played a mix of techno groove tunes which had the crowd going.  Sending each song out “to the ladies” and mixing up the song count — a very funny bit.  The music was well played, but a bit repetitive and not particularly memorable.  TWRP pulled double duty that night backing up Ninja Sex Party.

Finally, Danny and Brian hit the stage.  The video screen lit up with animated logos.  The bands theme song boomed. The audience was jumping, screaming and chanting for sexual acts.  Perfect place for parents with their teenage son.  Max was having a blast.

They worked through some of their hits(?) “Cool Patrol”, “Unicorn wizards”, “Dinosaur Laser fight” to the delight of the audience, who sang every word.  They performed covers “You spin me round”, “Pour some sugar on me” and “Everybody wants to rule the world” which was fun.  And introduced a new tune “Danny don’t you know” accompanied by a monologue about fitting in.nsp stage

Throughout it all they did goofy gags, engaged the audience in a bunch of different ways including the recurring bit of Ninja Brian flipping off the crowd.  All in good fun and bad taste.

It was a scene. The band and audience were connected by a deep understanding of who they are and what they were doing.  It’s fun if you’re in the club and all are welcome to join.

For me, the jokes are a little too adolescent and the music seems deliberately hokey.  But I honestly just think is an age thing.  These guys are great performers and deserve their mid level online fame and the adoration of their crowd.


We are Ninja Sex Party
Musically seducing all the hotties

Brian’s a ninja, Danny’s a hot jew
And we are best friends (yeah!)
And we are best friends it’s true