Green Day Live in Brooklyn

IMG_7618This week Max and I went to the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn to take in the Green Day show.  They are on the road promoting their new album Revolution Radio.  We had a great time at the concert and since Max is such a huge fan, let’s hear what he thought.


Q: How did you enjoy the show?

It was so much fun.  I had been to a lot concerts before, but this one was with one of my favorite bands,  so I was jumping around and singing along a lot.  I knew the words to most of the songs and that made it so much better.  I mean, I loved the energy.  The band was able to keep the show exciting, even on the slow songs.

Q:  Do the boys still have it?

Oh most definitely.  They had the same energy as they did years ago in videos.  But instead of being this crazed punk band, they are now mature performers with strong messages.  They are not just full of rage. They are thoughtful in their views and how they present themselves.  The feeling behind their music is still so strong.

Q:  When I grew up there were no video screens at concerts.  This was the first time in a while that I attended a show without a video screen. Did it change the experience for you?

IMG_7605A little bit.  It made it so the band had to be larger than they already were.  They had to be more animated in their actions.  And I think it related to Billie Joe’s message that you should “witness the show live.  Experience it for real, not through a device or a  screen.  It is a concert not a movie.”  They were looking to achieve a greater personal connection with the audience.  Fortunately,  we had fairly good seats, so it worked for us.  We didn’t miss a thing.

Q: What did you think of the set list?  Did they play all the music you wanted to hear?

Yes they played the songs I was looking for and some things on albums before Dookie which I didn’t really know,  but I loved it!  They really paid homage to long time fans with songs like “2,000 light years away” and “She”.  There were also songs from American Idiot and of course the new album Revolution Radio.   All of it was cool.

Q:  Were you surprised by  age-range of the audience members?

I really was.  I kind of thought it was going to be a lot of teenagers and their parents that they dragged with them.  But seeing such a diverse crowd of different ages was really great.  It fit well with the bands message of a unified people and country.  Just lots of people having fun and respecting each other.

Q:  Any other thoughts about the night?

It was also really fun to see how the band was able to keep going.  Hearing “Long View”, “Bang Bang” and “Young Blood” were the highlights for me.

Every time you thought it would end… the show got bigger and moved to a new level.  Drum sticks were thrown.  Some stage dives.  Pyrotechnics.  It was just a scene that I don’t think I will forget.

The one draw back was a feeling that the show is very staged and rehearsed.  I got the sense that it is essentially the same every night.

Green Day Setlist Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA 2017, Revolution Radio